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Neighborworks-image-88Organizational Assessment Services (OAS) is an extension of the NeighborWorks America mission to build and sustain healthy, productive and effective community development  by helping organizations with similar missions.

Depending on your needs, we offer comprehensive or targeted assessments. In some cases, OAS clients may access exclusive training, technical assistance, or other benefits to mitigate issues that surface through the assessments process. 




OAS has developed a uniform capacity assessment system based on evaluating performance expectations and associated risks in six key areas, collectively known as PROMPT:

  • Production/program services
  • Resource and financial management
  • Organizational management and board governance
  • Management: staffing and personnel
  • Planning
  • Technical operating and compliance systems
Sample PROMPT Report
Our expert reviewers evaluate each of these areas through document review, onsite data collection, key interviews and other information gleaned both off-site and at the client site.
Following the site visit, the organization receives a draft report to review. The report describes the organization's capacity and strengths and identifies opportunities with actionable recommendations. The final report is for the organization to use as they wish, possibly with the support of an assessment sponsor.  

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PROMPT OAS Assessment Process
In-depth, targeted off-site review
In addition to comprehensive PROMPT® assessments, OAS offers targeted, off-site assessments. These assessments may focus on a particular line of business or on selected PROMPT categories. View a sample Targeted Assessment Review.

One OAS contract involved targeted assessments of 15 CDFIs. Community development lending experts looked at each CDFI from the perspective of their lending and loan portfolio management line of business. 
They reviewed documents provided by the CDFIs and produced reports that address production/program services, resource and financial management and management/governance as they relate to the CDFI’s lending. Each report explains capacities, strengths, and any weaknesses, concluding with a recommended action plan. 
These assessments generally take less time to accomplish than full PROMPT assessments but also result in a report explaining capacities, strengths and any weaknesses with recommendations. As with the PROMPT® assessment, the report is offered in draft to the organization before it is finalized. 
Assessment fees range depending on the nature of the assessment and if they are singular or part of a series. Contact OAS for specific information.

* Every OAS report is confidential and proprietary. The sponsor and the assessed nonprofit organization will control who sees the report and the resulting actions. These samples are based on real reports but all names and details are fictional. These reports are samples only; actual reports will vary by sponsor, assessed organizations and their priorities. OAS will not share results without explicit permission.